about me

Lessons learned during years of a troubled teenage-hood ring like a chord in the undergrowth of enchanting indie pop. Each song unearthed from a tender place in my timeline of 20 years. Indulging in topics of self love and mental health, I entwine my own personal experiences into my songs, and I want to invite everyone into this conversation.

Fluttering drums, sparkling guitar solos and the deep hum of the bass - I love to play in my band too. It brings the acoustic tracks into a whole new world, and I love sharing that with an audience.

I've travelled a path that's taken me from the underground Cavern club, to the summer-speckled fields of Glastonbury Festival. This is a journey that I never want to end, and I can't wait to see what's next! I love meeting people along the way, and have already fallen for the beautiful community that music creates. Maybe I'll see you here too? šŸŒ±