You're Toast Press

"It's spirited. It is punky. It is punchy. I love it."

- Daniel Pascoe

"One of the most exciting singer-songwriters to come out of the Exeter area."

- Tom Williams

hr 31 min mark

"The new single ‘You’re Toast’ from quickly rising artist Saff Juno is undoubtedly a track for the people. "

"Guitars sparkle and skin prickles as Saff Juno smiles and sings through gritted teeth in the breezily angry You’re Toast."

"We always love to promote her music and support her."

- Lisa Galvani

46 min mark

"Get to Know the Artist"

"Everything you'll ever need to know about South Devon based singer songwriter Saff Juno is right here."

"Saff told us how her songwriting attitude has changed and she’s keeping that momentum going."

"She takes inspiration from nature and climate change, something that has been highlighted in her most recent lyrics."

Radio Interviews

"We find out how she started her career as a singer-songwriter, the story of her new band and the passion she exudes for making music." - Julie Mullen

"We chat to Saff Juno about the new single Nightmare Nightmare and her first gig in four years at Exeter Cavern this weekend." - Tom Williams

Lyme Bay Radio

"Saff chooses her top 5 songs that influenced her music career and performs all originals in the Lyme Lounge live!" - Lisa Galvani


"The only podcast that gives artists a new platform to show off their talents through interviews and music from Spotify.

Thanks go to all artists featured in this, plus Saff Juno for the interview!" - Sam Trott

Nightmare Nightmare Reviews

"With an energy that’s completely infectious, the single is impossible to listen to while sitting still. It demands your full attention and makes it extremely difficult not to nod along." - Chloe Pollard

"Devon's Saff Juno has pulled off something quite special on new release 'Nightmare Nightmare' and it's the kind of trick that stops you dead in your tracks." - LWM

"The song is accompanied by a lush video shot at Powderham Castle (watch here), adding to the dream-like, Alice-type skip into an imposing otherworldliness." - Lee

December Daisies Reviews

"(The track) gives you a feeling like you are running through a field of flowers or the star of a perfume advert" - Chloe Burrows-Bryan

"On this nostalgic-sounding track, Saff Juno encapsulates the importance of being your own hero." - Daisy Rought-Oram

"An exploration of her relationship with self love and acceptance." - Millie

"It’s clear that the power behind these words has come from a deep understanding of the issue. " - Chloe Pollard